Acoustic Bass Pickups

(All pickups reviewed in this section have been personally tried by myself and my clients and are available through the shop) This is a deep topic with many opinions. As a bassist with many years of experience I can only share what I have learned through trial and error and through the process of amplifying […]

Fishman Products

There are two bass pickups from Fishman that I like, the BP100 and the Full Circle. First, the BP100: This was one of the first pickups developed by Fishman. It is designed to clip two piezo elements onto the bridge of the bass, using two metal clips to apply the required pressure. The output jack […]

K&K Pickups

K&K is a small company out of Coos Bay, Oregon. They started out in Germany making a pickup system for vibraphone, a daunting task. They manufacture a full line of pickups for all acoustic instruments. For bass, I like the Bass Max. It is a very simple pickup that slides into the bridge wing. This […]