Custom Work

Custom Bass workI offer repair services on all stringed instruments, with an emphasis on Double Bass and Guitar. This section will be devoted to instruments other than classical basses, which are addressed in detail elsewhere in the website.

I am often called upon to upgrade electronics in electric guitars and basses. While I will install anything that the client might want, I offer the complete line of Seymour Duncan pick-ups and have had great results through their use. Additionally, I often integrate Fishman products such as the Power Bridge and Power Chip in order to achieve maximum tonal capability. One recently completed electronic upgrade was done on an Ibanez Artcore jazz guitar and included all of the above-mentioned items. The poor fellow that ordered the work was delighted with the incredible range of available sounds, but was so overwhelmed by all the options that he had me make him a “tone table” which indicated what things did what. All said, this is an amazing guitar now, with everything from an acoustic sound all the way through a heavy metal distortion. Call me to discuss installation options to custom-tailor your sound.

I am also accepting commissions for new instruments. Below are a few of the latest projects.