Travel Bass

I recently completed and delivered a new iteration of my Travel Bass. These are full-scale length (39-40″) with acoustic bodies. The neck detaches in less than 5 minutes and the entire instrument packs into a travel case that is barely larger than an electric bass flight case. It has advanced on-board electronics with a Fishman Full Circle pick up in the bridge for a full rich arco sound. There is a magnetic pick up at the end of the fingerboard. currently a Seymour Duncan P-style unit. ┬áBoth pick ups are blended through a K&K pre-amp. The tonal range with this set-up is quite good, allowing a nice electric bass effect (like an Ampeg Baby Bass ) or a full, rich bowed sound similar to an amplified full-size double bass.

This example was made for Dan Schmid, bassist for “The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies”. This bass also includes a Moses Graphite fingerboard with LED position markers on the side of the fingerboard, an intonation aid for playing in low light situations.

I am accepting orders for these Travel Basses. Please call or e-mail me for pricing, specs and delivery times. As these are custom instruments one can be tailored for your specific application.