Basses for SaleI am an authorized Shen bass dealer and I also sell a variety of used double basses. Please click on the drop down menu above to select a specific bass for sale.

As a musician of many years and a luthier, I take pride in setting up each bass for optimum sound quality. Depending on the kind of music you plan to play (classical, rock, jazz, rockabilly, folk or bluegrass) I can fine tune each instrument to get the sound you’re looking for.

Getting the right sound means positioning the post in the right place, shaping the fingerboard properly, carefully adjusting the bridge and nut and pairing it all with the right combination of strings. Most importantly, it means working with you to assure that the bass is playing its best for you. That’s the beauty of working one on one with each customer and developing long-term relationships. As much as I love working on these instruments, I know that it is about the music and people who play them. That means a lot to me.

Please don’t hesitate to call me for an appointment to view and play basses for sale.