Shen SB 190 Rogeri Hybrid

I am pleased to offer the new Shen SB 190 Rogeri Hybrid. It is an astounding value due to the novel approach that Mr. Shen has taken to a flatback bass. As a luthier, I have seen almost all older flatback basses develop major cracks in the back panels. This is due to differential expansion between the (typically) spruce cross bracing and the (typically) maple back panels. On the Shen SB 190 the carved spruce top and the solid willow ribs are combined with a maple veneered laminated back. This construction method eliminates one of the major problems with flatback basses while allowing a full, rich sound. This is topped off with a gorgeous oil varnish, fine tuning machines and ebony fingerboard and tailpiece. A truly great instrument at an affordable price.