Shen SB 80 1/4 Bass
The perfect bass for that young student. Only Shen offers this level of quality in a 1/4 bass, with a good ebony fingerboard, nice tuning machines and an amazing sound for such a small instrument. This bass actually belonged to me niece and was purchased for her directly from Samuel Shen himself at the NAMM show. The upper bout is autographed by him in both English and Chinese! In Like new condition, this bass is offered for $1000 with bag.

Realizing that a 1/4 or 1/2  bass for a child is a big investment, I have initiated an exclusive policy regarding these instruments. When it is time to move up to the next size bass, I will credit the purchaser with full price, less wear and tear, toward the purchase of the next instrument. This allows you to buy the child a very good instrument with the knowledge that I, rather than you, will be responsible for re-selling it. Call for details.

    Sold!  But more are available.